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the sinking world

In The Sinking World, artist Andreas Franke places Baroque courtesans aboard the sunken SS Stavronikita, creating haunting images of life and decay.

The Sinking World is a traveling exhibition that includes Franke's pictures of the Stavronikita as well as another ship, the USS Vandenberg. Among its other stops, the exhibition has been put on display on the Stavronikita itself, where it's only accessable to scuba divers.

From the exhibition's website:
A traveling salesman, the Stavronikita fell victim to a devastating fire over 20 years ago and with no hope for recovery it was lowered into the silent depths to lie there - fossilized into an artificial reef which one thought would sleep for all eternity.

But life clawed at the ship. For decades the sea enwrapped it with strange and splendid furnishings. A blinding submarine magnificence moved in, assumed command of the desolate freighter and made it vibrate with life. . . . This swarming, decadent parade of life conquered the mind of Andreas Franke when diving on the premises of the SS Stavronikita. The well-known Viennese artist, who is famous for his meticulously construed photographic stagings, became possessed with the desire to make the
Greek freighter into his next stage and thus the successor to the USS Vandenberg. He would create surprising, bizarre and equally bewitching images by combining photographs of the wreck with sceneries produced in a studio.


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Mar. 5th, 2013 07:34 am (UTC)
Wow, these are so wonderfully surreal. Thanks for the link--I had a lot of fun browsing through the images on that site!
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